Research: Lockdown & Digital Consumption Trends

What is the research about?

  • The research is looking to contribute to the understanding of online behaviours and how they have changed in the past months following the COVID-19 outbreak and current Lockdown measures globally. What are the benefits and disadvantages of these changes and what can we learn from this experience?
  • The research has a particular focus on citizens in Europe and Africa but is open to anyone who is willing to take some minutes to respond to our survey.

Why are we doing it now?

  • The exposure to the COVID-19 virus and Lockdown measures have forced all of us to engage in increased online activity. Some of these online habits were already familiar to us, some others have been imposed on us, by the extraordinary circumstances. Therefore, it is likely that when the pandemic is finally over, the digital habits that we are all currently adopting will become integral in our daily lives.

What do we hope to use it for?

  • As we are aware that previous experience and access to the Internet and technologies is not the same for all people, it is important to understand the impact of these measures on our habits and daily lives in these extraordinary circumstances. The results will be used to propose solutions ‘for social good’, as well as new public policies that can better shape our world after the COVID-19 crisis.

How can you help us?

  • Take the survey below – takes just 6 minutes of your time
  • Share the survey with your friends via this link or the chatbot on Facebook messenger
  • As you will notice, we are very careful about protecting your personal data.

Margaret OKON

E-mail address [email protected]
Linkedin: Margaret Okon

Margaret is a Programme Analyst – extensively involved in various data transformation and knowledge management projects in southern Nigeria. 
Masters’ Degree, ICTs for development, independent researcher; currently working on leveraging existing ICT tools for social good with a focus on its applicability in serving vulnerable communities.
Five years public sector experience, technology for development enthusiast, e-Governance evangelist.