Analysis of 51 COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

The analysis is looking at 51 different COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps (CTAs), providing information related to the geographical availability, name of the developer and how it complies with EU guidelines (as identified in the document).

Additionally, the document offers a brief overview of the European and USA policy frameworks and debates around the Contact Tracing Apps designed for COVID-19 monitoring.

Key findings

  1. Only about 20% of CTAs met all the guidelines based on our independent assessment.
  2. The CTAs analysed perform quite well with EU guidelines with respect to data protection and privacy (95%) and Security (95%).
  3. Most of the CTAs did not do quite well with respect to the guideline on Bluetooth proximity technology (44%) and interoperability across the EU (34%) even though this could be as a result of the geographical availability of the app currently and the stage of development.