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The Working Safe Online Guideline

A tool based on security principles dedicated to individual users and organisations - NGOs, SMEs.

Research activity

Lockdown and digital consumption trends

A research looking to contribute to the understanding of online behaviours and how they have changed in the past months following the COVID-19 outbreak and current Lockdown measures globally.


Current activity

Analysis of 51 COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

The analysis is looking at 51 different COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps (CTAs), providing information related to the geographical availability, name of the developer and...

Research study “The Global Pandemic, Lockdown Measures and New Digital Behaviours”

This research provides an overview on the impact of the global pandemic on citizens’ digital behaviours, having at the center the findings from the...

Analiza privind competentele digitale ale tinerilor romani

Pozitionarea tinerilor romani pe ultimul loc UE din perspectiva competentelor digitale (56%) a surprins pe multi. Situatia reconfirma paradoxul tehnologic din Romania - ...

Join the Digital Citizens online learning community

This year is definitely the best time for you to sign up for an online course and be part of an online learning community....

Podcast interviu – Romania si DESI 2020

Digitalizarea Romaniei si indicele Economiei si Soceitatiii Digitale 2020 (DESI) - multumim Euranet Plus - Radio Romania pentru ocazia de a aduce in atentie acesta tema.Orice...

Digital Citizens at EuroDIG 2020

This week we are joining the most important European event on Internet Governance - EuroDIG 2020, which for the first time take place exclusively online. All those interested can still follow...