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Digital Citizens Romania is the first Romanian Digital Think-Tank – a network of expertise that brings together policy experts, digital innovators, researchers and digital enthusiasts!

We’ve started from the premise that digitalisation is an ample process that has an impact at all levels of our society and economy, and in this framework we assume an active contribution to the understanding and coordination of this strategic priority, through concrete projects, research and multi-stakeholder initiatives – by bridging the Global, European and national debates & opportunities.

Innovation, new technologies, the digital sector – these are all key directions for the development of the economic and social future of Romania. The numbers highlight a potential that our country is currently not using enough: we are already among the top countries when it comes to certified IT specialists per capita or when it comes to high speed internet, in the areas where it is accessible.

But these statistics actually hide the absence of a real strategy in the sector. Similar to other sectors, Romania is a country of paradoxes, as here the inequalities are also very high: almost half of the population has no digital competences (43%), the level of public digital services is very low (only 8% of citizens are using them), while innovation and digital entrepreneurship are underfunded.

However, despite all these, numerous “islands” of innovation have appeared, created by passionate people, who make their own exception exceptional, through the results and dynamism they show. As a result, today the ICT sector contributes with about 6-7% to the formation of the Romanian GDP (a percent which grew from 3,4% in 2010).

In this context results the initiative of creating the first Romanian Think-Tank in the digital field – Digital Citizens Romania.

Any person interested in the digital sector, with expertise or experience in the field, can have an active role in the dynamics of the Think-Tank, by simply becoming a future Digital Citizen.

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