Highlights of Digital Future Forum, 12th December 2018

Digital Future Forum offered a platform to highlight the major developments within the European Digital Single Market and supported the debates in preparation for the incoming Romanian Presidency #RO2019EU.

The event (Bucharest, 13th of December 2018) was organised by the Think-Tank Digital Citizens Romania, in partnership with Ministry of Communications & Information Society with the support of eMAG & Merck Sharp & Dhome-MSD Invents.

Opening session:
Moderator: Veronica Ștefan, Founder Digital Citizens Romania
– Gerard de Graaf, Director for the Digital Single Market in Directorate-General “Communications Networks, Content & Technology” (DG CONNECT)
– Manuela Catrina, State Secretary Ministry of Communications & Information Society
– Remus Pricopie, Rector National University of Political Studies and Public Administration
– Victor Negrescu, University lecturer, former Minister for European Affairs 
– Ana Dodea, Policy & Market Access Director Merck Sharp & Dhome
– Dan Oros, Romania Marketing Manager Google

Panel 1 – The future of the Digital Single Market: opportunities & challenegs for Romanian entrepreneurs
– Oleg Roibu, Head of Public Policy eMAG
– Florinel Chiș, Executive Director ARMO
– Valerica Dragomir, Executive Director ANIS Romania
– Cristina Ciobotaru, European Affairs Councilor, MCSI

Panel 2: eHealth – a new strategic approach
Moderator: Radu Puchiu, Consultant in Public Policy and Open Governance
– Daniel Osmanovici, Spokesperson CNAS
– Dr. Petru Melinte, Ministry of Health
– Dr. Marius Geantă, President Centrul pentru Inovație în Medicină
– Lucian Ioniță, editor eHealth Romania, co-founder Sănătate în era digitală
– Alina Comănescu, President Association Health for Community