Digital Security – dissemination workshops

Testimonial of a teacher who joined the first Erasmus+ training course.

For me, Digital Technology is the only discipline that can change and evolve from day-to-day. Digital technology is the future, so the purpose of the dissemination sessions was to inform teachers and students and to share with them what I have learned during the 6 days of training “Digital Security in Youth work”, organised by IDEA Lab in partnership with Digital Citizens Romania.

For Teachers

Teachers need to learn how to use digital technologies to facilitate their work. This can be a useful tool in their work with students. By organizing this workshop I’ve tried to help them develop their knowledge, as well as their social and emotional strategic resources to deal with the uncertainties and the complexity of digital technologies.

The dissemination session, organised for 54 of my fellow teachers, was shaped around the need to stimulate students’ learning process by adjusting it to the new challenges regarding digital technology. Therefore, the dissemination session included a presentation in the Professorial Council of all main outcomes of the Erasmus+ training course. The teacher colleagues were very attracted first of all by the non-formal examples of the activities carried out, but they’ve also shown interest in other sessions, such as the digital wellbeing and security related sessions. As a result, they came up with the idea of proposing optional classes for students inspired by the examples provided.

For Students

Students have the capacity of learning fast. Creativity and intelligence are the characteristics that describe them. By having a dissemination workshop dedicated to them, I wanted to empower them, increasing their confidence and abilities to research and discover the necessary digital skills that can be developed, with a particular focus on future trends with impact on their online security and jobs of the future, such as Artificial Intelligence.

During the dissemination workshop for the 10th-grade students, they’ve expressed a high interest by actively participating in the proposed activities and giving answers to the questions related to artificial intelligence.

“It was a digital lesson using devices, which at the same time brought many new insights, things I didn’t know about my digital rights, as well as about my obligations. I liked it very much because I had the freedom to express myself and listen to how my colleagues think and feel about interactions with the digital world. —-Andreea Radu- student – 10th grade at LPS Clinceni Highschool, Ilfov -Romania

The dissemination workshops were beneficial for both the 54 teachers and the 20 students, as it is very important and relevant to our learning environment to know how to protect and share the online content but especially how to protect our human rights online.  

Participant Prof. dr. Ioana Radulescu