Digital Citizens at EuroDIG 2020

This week we are joining the most important European event on Internet Governance – EuroDIG 2020, which for the first time take place exclusively online.

All those interested can still follow the online streaming – check the link below for the topics that interest you most:

We are happy to coordinate efforts this year as well, with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, in order to ensure that young digital citizens have a dedicated space at the table of Internet and Digital governance!

EuroDIG is the Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance – an open platform for informal and inclusive discussions on public policy issues related to Internet Governance (IG).

The main aim of EuroDIG is to promote the engagement of Europeans in multistakeholder dialogue in order to share their expertise and best practice and, where possible, identify common ground. This enables EuroDIG to pull together national perspectives and to apply and shape European values and views regarding the Internet. It is the place to start and to facilitate a discussion not to finalise it and therefore a decision shaping not a decision making initiative.