Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum, 27-28 March 2019

This year we were happy to be partners for the CIP 2019 Forum and co-host 2 panels:

„Future of Blockchain – Regulations, Opportunities & Challenges”

„Digital society for digital citizens: a multi stakeholder perspective”

CIP FORUM is a conference designed as an open platform for leaders, decision makers and managers from central administration, public and private sector, for security specialists and innovators. The main objectives of this event consist in the capacity building of the governments for the coordination of critical infrastructure protection activities.

A range of topics have been announced for the fourth edition of the conference, including discussion regarding subjects considered pillars for 2019, such as:

  • Cyber Threats in Critical Infrastructure Sector
  • Cyber Conflict Affecting Critical Infrastructure
  • Regional Approaches for Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Cyber Diplomacy enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Smart Cities Protection and Implications for Protecting Critical Infrastructure
  • Critical Infrastructure of Future City
  • Digital Transformation of Cities and Implications for Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Securing Critical Infrastructure with Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Intelligence and Cyber Protection of Critical Infrastructure
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection through Blockchain Technology
  • New Critical Infrastructure Sectors.